Barriers to expression and perception

by Leonardo Zunda

Posted on 10 May 2014

Barriers to expression and perception

Hello everyone, I could do a little while and write ... as I like ...

Today I want to speak as a teacher as a trainer, as an artist and as a student that I continue to be:

This time of the barriers of expression, movement and perception.

We understand many times that the strength and tension, is communication, it is impulse, it is energy and projection ...

I usually compare it in my classes with verbal communication: where to vocalize and accentuate in a relaxed way not only opens the channels of reflection but also helps to expand the limits of understanding and sensitivity (not tension). While shouting, it generates the opposite ... (tension)

It also happens with the expression in general. The movement reflects control, confidence, sensitivity, willingness, delivery ... and that is projected and perceived.

Combine breathing, with musical training.

We need to relax and vibrate in another tuning to perceive other aspects, since no matter how much we change rooms,     the vision is of the same angle, we will always find more or less the same and the mistake is to believe that only from that     angle you see everything ... When you learn to change angles, with sensations, self-knowledge, self-control from     understanding, then you can change the point of view and discover many other aspects or details that are     they escaped your vision from their only previous angle ... and you'll surely want to check all the others     rooms and discover what you had already lost by thinking that there was no more .. because you did not see more ...     that moment...

Not only do you get the real and intense enjoyment but also, the real control to flow ... from there the conscious perception of all artistic value has another conception.

and you will feel that the heart is connected to every thing that you perceive from all the angles worked and only then can you think that you understand what you see.

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