Heel or non-heel that is the question

by Leonardo Zunda

Posted on 10 May 2014

Heel or non-heel that is the question

Many girls ask me: what is better to use, higher heel or lower?:

What do we have to take into account? : Experience, whether or not we are used to wearing or height?

The decision to use a heel for example in "Salsa" is important, since in the technique of displacement where we use the centralized weight, we work taking into account the balance of forces of the tripod of forces and the flexion for to be able to dominate among other important factors: "the movement", since without movement and a correct corporal (organic) posture, we do not obtain fundamental bases of the cadence ... (movement using fundamental values ​​of the music) The heel is vital to be able Focus the force on the necessary point and better control your movement, turns and lines (aesthetics).

It allows you to leave the weight in front of you where you have muscular connection and "metatarsal" force combined with flexion and stretching depending on the type of rotation or displacement.

The choice of the heel is directly linked to the "foot type" and the curvature of the instep (not contemplated injuries that in that case we would speak first of a re-education)...

That's why if you are going to buy dance shoes, get advice and look at the type of foot (thin - wide, where you put the weight and instep you are leaving a centimeter apart) ... if you need help, consult me doubts, but ... Dance with heels ;)

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