Is it important to smile while dancing? :)

by Leonardo Zunda

Posted on 10 May 2014

Is it important to smile while dancing? :)

Primordial, orat least it makes the difference ...

We understand thedance as a social or professional communication, where the interpretation is visual and energetic from withinoutward and outward inward ... I understand dancing as a movement of positive energy ... it's importanttalk to someone and receive or give a smile, or go to a conference and this person who seeks attentionof the listeners, who smile, make a joke ... whatever it may be, only what we do well will be magnetic ...I invite you to do the test, in social dance with whom you do not know, in a show, even if only for amoment, sow smiles and harvest positive energy ....

and I wantend by saying that: we have a wrong concept ... it seems that smart or deep people orsexy, do not smile .... It's funny, but I've noticed that a great intelligence is attributed to people with arapidity and a considerable concretion, or with a rough and serious aspect ...

For me: Thesmart people have found a way to smile and take advantage of life and have already realized that thesense and the really intelligent path is linked directly to the joy and to the things that give you thatjoy, that you have had the capacity to build and feed so that they fill you with energy and open your waydoing well and doing good ... but I do not deny it, it's very difficult ... Maybe it's easier to be serious and dosee that intelligence goes on the other hand ... I will continue smiling.

PeopleSmart build and smile from the heart.

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