Passion and creation

by Leonardo Zunda

Posted on 10 May 2014

Passion and creation

Passion, enthusiasm, enthusiasm ... these engines are the material of the beauty of life ...

Positive energy ... if you are well give everything, if you are wrong, do not stop ... So, when you are well you take advantage of what you have harvested and invest in growing even more and not in recovering what has been lost for having been immobile ...

After these reflections, I want to express that creative work and passion are directly linked and they in turn with personal / professional growth ... When we talk about artists and people, we talk about creative force, reflection, energy, ingenuity, proof - error, more reflection and experience ... all this is done with passion and with illusion: creation is the fruit of that magical movement ... today I am beginning a new course ... perhaps we never stop taking courses new ... may never stop proposing new directions because I have already found the key to my passion and creation to keep me excited and moving.

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