Shortcuts for learning

by Leonardo Zunda

Posted on 10 May 2014

Shortcuts for learning

Well, it was a long time since I sat down to write ... What do you want?

When you start learning, you must forget what you have learned before and leave your mind blank, at the disposal of what is to come, to make the most of it.

Many times in class, I commented that learning with the body a dance, is like learning a language with the mind ... And the mistake we make when it comes to building sentences and expressing ourselves is to translate from our own language , committing errors of expression, grammar, etc

The way is to try to think in that language as soon as possible, so when we travel and learn a language in its "atural habitat" it helps us to understand more quickly the expressions and idioms, experience their idiosyncrasies and assimilate their concepts ...

With even "similar" dances, the same thing happens.

It is best to put yourself in a zero point, and try to think and reason with that technique, that style, that language ... "Parking what you learned" ... Then you can combine and create ... enhance your creativity by really expanding your mind, without starting from a single limited base, but a great enriched base ....

Open your mind, be generous with yourself, do not think in limits in ways, let the information go in and then find the form and Very important ... do not pre-judge before good reasoning or have expressed your doubts and listened to the answers ;)

Open you´r Mind And Let´s Dance ! :)

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